Top 5 Figma plugins I use

March 21, 2022

Plugins in Figma can make your design process much efficient and easy. Here are my top 5 plugins I use frequently.

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Content Reel

content reel
content reel

When designing it’s better to have data close to your final product. Rather than using some random lorem ipsum text. You can use Content Reel to fill in data. There are already data that are shared in the community. As well as a feature to create your own data. Also it features not only text but images can be applied. So if you have a industry specific product. You can add more relevant images to your design easily.



Unsplash is already a popular website to use free images. In Figma a plugin is provided that you can easily use it in your designs. I usually use Unsplash images as placeholder images. You can easily search for relevant images and also apply multiple images at once.

Token space


When using a design system to design. You would have all the components you need and also colors and typography defined. One feature missing is design system spacing in Figma. And spacing is the most frequent mistake you would make in your designs. Token space brings defined spaces in 8 point grid. You can align multiple elements. As well as align inside frames easily.



The problem with Figma is that there can be many layers. It’s normally due to having many components and hidden layers. Or auto layouts that have many groupings. So it’s not easy to select many of the same layers. Similayer gives you extended options to select the specific layers you want to select.

Component plus

component plus

Components are great in Figma. But sometimes you leave your main components inside your designs or frames. When you want to change them. You need to look for them. So it’s usually better to consolidate your main components together. But taking main components out of your designs may break your design. Component plus plugin lets you take the main component out of you frame. And leave an instance in place.