Top 3 plugins for Sketch app in 2020

November 5, 2020

What Sketch still has the edge on Figma or Adobe XD is plugins. There are abundance of plugins that would help you with your workflow. And cause of plugins I didn’t fully transition to Figma.

Sketch Runner

Sketch runner looks like spotlight search in mac

I have been using sketch runner from when it still was beta. This plugin will make your life much easy.

Basically Sketch Runner is a plugin that you can access commands fast. For example, running specific commands for plugins. Quickly searching your libraries for symbols. Or applying styles. The main features I use is Run, Insert and Apply.

You can apply styles quickly
Run plugins fast

I use the Pro version. And it was pretty cheap a while ago. The current price is 32 EUR(Discounted now from 45 EUR). I suggest you try out the free version and see how you like it. But I really recommend that it will save you ton of time. And would be worth the investment.


Very simple but powerful

Already there is a similar feature in sketch that you can change the spacing between elements. But it doesn’t always, it needs to tidied up or aligned. Still not sure how it functions.

But with distributor it always works as you intend it. With a shortcut command control+option+H for horizontal. Control+option+V for vertical. You can quickly distribute quickly. I use this heavily on my normal design work. And wish this would be in also Figma. And the best thing is it’s free!

Content generator

Applying a custom string. Results would be random numbers within a range with Horsepower at the end.

Using Lorem ipsum in your final design is not good practice. But when your in the design process of concentrating on layouts. And don’t want to stop your flow for finding correct data to type in. Content generator is a essential.

It’s a big content tool box. Here are some main features that I use

Especially the custom string feature make this so powerful.