Sketch: version 69 released with new components view

October 7, 2020
sketch69 components

The new version released brings a beta version of new components view. You can basically view all your symbols in a bigger view. As well as text, layers and color styles. I’m not sure why they labeled it as Beta. Maybe from all the feedback of sketch is buggy and slow. For me recently it was fine. Maybe sketch might be afraid of all the negative feedback if users find sketch buggy again.

sketch component popover
Sketch components window
sketch runner
Sketch runner plugin

Also as a new feature. You can access all this via a popup window. It overlaps with some part of my favorite plugin Sketch runner. I have checked if you can have both windows open at the same time. You can only one at a time.

One weird thing I found was, the components or symbols from you local document can be accessed. Meaning your shared external library can’t be access from it. My libraries from Abstract. Maybe the reason of having it as a beta release. Could assume sketch moving fast to retain it’s market dominance over product design tools.

For a using a half a day. Didn’t experience any shutdowns or slowing down. Yet.

Check out details here.