Sketch : Top 7 shortcuts that I use most

October 8, 2020

Shortcuts make you design fast. Makes the idea to screen process friction less. If you are still struggling with shortcuts. Here are my top shortcuts that I use most of the time. From the order most used. Statistically not accurate 🙂

After I made my list. I realized that I use lots of custom shortcuts. I would writing in the future post 🙂

My top 7 shortcuts for sketch


Insert Rectangle. It’s very obvious.

Command + (or Command – )

Zoom in or out


Pan around. Not needed if you use trackpad.


Type something. Most designs have some text in it.

Option+Tab (While layer is selected)

Focus on X value input. This is one shortcut that I wish it exists in Figma. Unfortunately, Couldn’t figure out a way to create a shortcut for it. You can use the tab cycle to input width or height. I really recommend you to try this out.

Shift + command + [ (While text layer is selected)

Left align text. Or ‘shift + command + \’ to center align.

Command + 1

Zoom to see entire page. When you have a big page with multiple artboards. It just useful to move around.

Not in the top shortcut list, but used a frequently


Insert Oval(circle). I use the shortcut but don’t add circles that much.

Shift + Command + C

Create Symbol. Depends on my design phase. If I’m working on some wireframes that much. But when I get started with higher fidelity designs. I start creating symbols more and more.


Create Artboard

Command + G

Group layer. When elements build up in your


Add or remove Fill.


Add or remove border.

Shift ( while selecting)

Select multiple. Not really a shortcut but a modifier. But I realised it’s used pretty frequent.


Open components window. Just released as beta. I don’t use it that much yet. But expect to be using in the future

Full list of sketch shortcuts here