Real time collaboration for Sketch (beta) is out

December 16, 2020

Finally they released the feature. You can check out the details on this page

And documentation on it here

How to use collaboration feature in Sketch?

First you’ll need a team license. And download the beta version.

If you don’t know which license you have. You can check by going to preference – Account.

What are the major features?

First would be storing your sketch file for team members to access. And versioning. And the biggest thing of all, Real time collaboration. But I think the bigger feature is having inspector mode. Currently a lot of teams are using third party tools like Zeplin, Abstract, Invision to do handovers. Looks like it’s not good news for these tools.

A move to subscription license

Sketch was already kind of a subscription service. Since you needed to renew your license every year. But as Sketch is launching collaboration features which use the cloud. A subscription license does make sense. Can we look forward to a free use for personal use like Figma? I do think Sketch needs to make a bold move like this. Cause it seems like they are losing market share.