How to take screenshots of entire page with built in chrome feature

October 10, 2020
take a screenshot

You might need to take screenshots of long pages with various reasons. And use some kind of screenshot extension to do that in chrome. But not many people know that there’s a built in screenshot feature inside chrome. The problem is, it’s hidden away. You can easily access with a 2 simple shortcuts.

1. Command + Option + i

It will bring up the developer tools. You can also access it through the menu view-developer-developer tools. For Windows ‘control + shift + i’

developer tools
Developer tools open

2. Shift + Command + p

open command window
Command menu open

Open the command menu. It will open a search field with a long list of commands you can perform. For Windows : Shift + control + p

3. Type ‘screenshot’

type scre
Start filtering for screenshot

By typing screenshot, it will show you 4 different screenshot types. Just by typing ‘scre’ would be enough to filter and show you the options.

full screenshot
Screenshot options

4 different screenshot options

If you want to take a screenshot of the whole page then use ‘Capture full size screenshot’. This I use the most. It would take a screenshot and download it to your downloads folder (if your using a mac). You can just take the current view by ‘Capture screenshot’. Or and area that you can select with ‘Capture area screenshot’. But I use other tools to do that quick.

It’s a couple of commands to take a screenshot. So I use it only when I need the full page taken.