How to add custom shortcuts for Sketch app

October 12, 2020

Though sketch provides many shortcuts, it’s not bad to have your frequent commands set as shortcuts. Here, I would show you how to set your own custom shortcuts.

Not like adobe apps, you cannot modify or add shortcuts from the Sketch directly. But macos offers a way to add specific shortcuts for your app. It’s pretty simple.

Custom shortcuts menu

1. In system Preferences go to Keyboard

2. Select Shortcuts from the tab

3. Select App Shortcuts

4. Click the plus icon to add a short cut.

Choose the Sketch from the application dropdown.

Adding your custom shortcut for sketch

1. Check what you want to add in sketch menus

For this example. I will add a shortcut to insert images. From the menu ‘Insert’ I found what I want. Now Remember the exact menu name. It’s case sensitive. So only ‘Image…’ will work. And ‘image…’ or ‘Image’ won’t work, cause it’s not the exact name.

2. Add the command to custom shortcuts

Type the exact name in Menu title. And type in what you want as the shortcut. I added as Shift + Command + i. And then click add.

3. Shortcut added, test it out.

You can see that the shortcut is added my list of customer shortcuts for sketch. Go back to sketch and test if it works properly.

Solving menus with same name

If you have a unique menu name. You don’t need to type in the path of the menu. But for alignment. There are same menu names for layer and text. To make this work as a custom shortcut, you just need to specify the path.

Specify the path with ‘->’

For example if I want to add Left layer alignment. Check the menu again. Align – Left is identical. So that can’t be used. If you go up one more level. For Layer it’s Arrange -> Align -> Left. For text alignment it’s Text -> Align -> Left. You just need to add ‘->’ to specify the path.

Can I add every command as a shortcut?

No. If it doesn’t exist in the menu, you can’t add it as a customer shortcut. For example, ‘Strike through’ only exist in the right sidebar under Text transformation. You cannot create a shortcut for this.