3 Simple steps to get started in product design

November 6, 2020

There are tons of things you need to read and experience to work professionally as a product designer. And it’s pretty confusing cause there are vast amount of paths you can take to build your skills. Some may ask do I go to a bootcamp? There might be many hard choices to make before even getting started. Or you might have some excuses not get started like not being able to afford a mac or software. Let me make it simple.

Here is my recommendation, if you totally new to design in general. Just try it out. No stakes are involved (maybe some time).

Step 1 : Download Figma on your PC or Mac


First of all Figma is free. And you can run without that much hardware limitations. Not like sketch, you don’t need to figure out how you would afford a mac. It’s not like photoshop, that you need ton of ram and graphics performance. No you don’t have an excuse of not having the proper gear to start.

Alternative to Figma is adobe XD which is also partially free to use.



Step 2 : Find a app you like

Before getting into all the UX stuff. I suggest you to just find an app you like. And see how it works. Play with it. Think about why you like it. Why it works well or not.

mobbin page

Or check out mobbin. Where you can see different iOS screens


Step 3 : Try to replicate one screen from that app

Maybe you would need to check basic tutorials. But don’t get into tutorials too deep yet. You’ll learn so many things if you actually try to design.

Did you like it?

Most important thing is that you liked the process and had fun? There is much more than just creating screens in product design. But you might have got a little taste of what you’re getting into. And the love of the work would let you go through the long hours of learning and researching.