Figma variants is released!

November 4, 2020
figma variants
From figma

Figma variants is released. I’m very excited for this release of variants. Cause as you know UX, Product design is dynamic or interactive process. Figma now separates itself from the conventional design tools like photoshop or illustrator even more!

What’s the big change?

figma variant change
From figma

Components with slashes(‘/’) or can be in a variant group. It’s now one big grouping. It’s clear they belong together. And became more powerful!

What are the benefits of using variants?

Better organizing of design system

If you have multiple buttons hierarchies also with states and different variation with or without icons. Not to mention different sizes for it. You would be organizing these in very complex folder structures. To swap buttons in your designs, you would need to dig into multiple levels of folders.

With variants that can be solved. You just need to setup properties for your variants. And you can easily swap them out. It also supports booleans, which you can add a toggle button.

True/False or On/Off will make the property into a toggle

Syncing better with code

From figma

The properties are well structured in variants. And it can be easily taken checked or mapped for development.

What is still missing?

Prototyping with states!

If variants can be swapped by hovering or clicking it would reduce a lot of work creating many frames. For example if you want a 3 toggle buttons in your prototype. You would need 6 different frames to make fully functional. But if you can add change states within the frame with changing variants. You would need 1 frame. Eventually you would not have a big prototyping chaos.

Prototyping with states is possible in Adobe XD, Framer web and ProtoPie.

Checkout release from Figma here