Figma quick actions. Is it a sketch runner substitute?

March 19, 2021

I was a very heavy user of sketch runner for Sketch. And really was missing the feature in Figma. Recently Figma released and update for the quick actions. Not a perfect replacement for sketch runner but a good improvement from the previous version.

Really nice update

Now it’s not in the left top corner anymore. It’s in the middle. I’m not sure it’s just a face lift or not. But feels more powerful. One thing I noticed is that you can search and execute plugin sub commands. Why is this so great? Because currently Figma plugins can’t add its own shortcuts. So it’s not so convenient to use plugins. Moving your mouse over to the menu and looking for the plugin.

plugin sub commands are shown
Also shows plugin still in development

How to use

Press Command + / (Mac) or Control + / (Windows)

And just type what your looking for

Can it replace sketch runner?

Short answer Not really. It’s a big upgrade, but still needs to support searching and adding components. And many more features that I miss. But give it a try!