Figma new feature : Instance swap

September 28, 2020
Figma instance swap feature

September 17th 2020, Figma release new feature of instance swap menu. Here are a short summary and review of it. The main improvement is to easily swap instances.

Grid view and list view

Now it’s easier to take a closer look with a grid view

Library Toggle

toggle instance view

If you have a use multiple libraries, it will be easier to filter them and search what you need

Drag the instance swap window

filter library
filter library

You can now move it around. But doesn’t remember dragged position when closed. I didn’t see a strong reason to use this . Also resizing of menu is not possible, which might be useful if you want to see your comps in a larger view.

Updates of selection

At first change of this feature. The swap window didn’t close eventhough you chose a instance. This was handy to view try out different instances. Now the window closes after you select one.

Details can be found here