Figma interactive components review

March 19, 2021

Now you can test out interactive components in Figma. Here is my review on it.

Why you need this?

Big reason is when prototyping a multi selection tool. You need to create screens of every possible case. If you have 3 toggles. You would need 6 screens interlinked to make it feel real. By having components that can be changed by a certain action. You would need just one screen for it.

How to use?

First you need to have make components. And then have them in variants. And then apply the actions on them. It took a while to figure out that I need to apply the action on the variant. So don’t get confused. It’s a bit different from the way adobe XD does it.

Still beta

Because it’s a beta version. It’s can be a bit laggy. Your laptop fans could start spinning loud. But this is good that Figma released a beta. Because this would change the way I create my variants. Which I need to change some of them to make it work interactive.

Getting creative

On top is the example from Figma. But designers are getting creative and creating fun things with interactive components. So give it a try!