Fun examples of interactive components Figma

March 23, 2021
interactive components example

Hope you are signed up to beta version of interactive components and having fun with it. I saw some creative examples of interactive components in the Figma community. And it’s worth to share as a collection of them. Check out the examples and get inspired yourself!

Figma interactive components playground

The best example you can find is a playground from figma. It’s detailed in limitations of the beta. Also very fun examples of making a tic-tac-toe game with interactive components.

Examples of making a game with interactive components

These examples show how powerful interactive components can be. I hope to see some more fun examples in the future

UFO scroller example

Game examples

Mind sweeper example (Skip to 33min)

Chrome Dinosaur game by David Williames

link to game

Battle ship game by Adam Ruthendorf-Przewoski

link to game