Book review : Solving product design exercises

October 21, 2020
Book by Artiom Dashinsky

Design exercises are a common step in interviews for UX and product design roles. The main goal is to see how interviewees think, communicate and approach a problem. If your considering of buying this book. Here is my review.

About the book

The books starts off with how an interview process would look like for UX / product designers. And followed by a structured outline of the why and hows about the design exercise(UX whiteboard challenge). And some example problems with possible solutions to it.

The good thing is that you can start at any chapter you feel you need. If your familiar with the challenges already. You can go right to the problems and answers chapter. And it’s a pretty short book that you can read or skim through pretty quickly.

There are less relevant content to product design exercises. Chapter 6 is about interviews from other designers. It might be a good read for entry level designers. Or else OK to skip.

Was the book useful for me?

I was preparing for a position that I really wanted. And out of desperation I bought the book. I didn’t want to regret not trying everything I could. Even though I had much experience with challenges.

The book had redundant information for me. But in problems and answers chapter. It was good to see examples how you would solve it.

In contrast I already have my approach of thinking solving problems. A habit that you gain from working in UX / product design. As there are no correct or best method of solving problems. Some parts I didn’t agree on.

In short, yes it did help me. But mostly from one chapter with problems and answers. You can find similar content on the internet if you have the time. The quality of which is better? I cannot really judge.

Important thing is I got the job.

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