A Free UX bootcamp idea

January 23, 2022

I started a youtube channel this year(2022). My goal is to create channel like freecodecamp. Where you can access content that would help you learn UX. I see that there are lots of channels related to UX. Which is good. But it’s not mature or large in volume like in the coding world.

I was a self taught designer. I used some paid services to learn the stuff I know. There wasn’t a bootcamp at the time when I started. Or maybe I didn’t know at that time. Now there are many bootcamps that are also remote so you don’t need to be physically attend them. But the problem is that it needs some commitment. I think it cost around at least 5000 USD. In countries like Germany you have the option to get the government pay for that. But that’s a few places in the world. The biggest problem is it’s still out of reach for many people.

Online content itself cannot replace the human interactions you get from a bootcamp. For example, the mentors you get or the peer feedback you get on your designs and concepts. Or the job search support you get. But I think it could be possible in some extend with videos or maybe some Discord. Though not perfect, but could be close to that.

So that’s why I thought would be great to have free content accessible online to get started. I don’t plan to just invest my time on creating free content. To be frank, I will be creating content that would be paid for. Like courses like learning platforms like Udemy. But the idea is most of the things I create would be free to access for the world.

Here is the channel. Very early stages. But I hope it would grow to help many in the world.

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